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Not counting steps

Can u please help its been weeks and it has been messing up and not coining my steps

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I just purchased my Walgreen Activity Tracker yesterday.  The setup went fine, syncing it to my phone went fine, but I'm frustrated on the performance!!  It does not count all my steps, only some of them.  I walked 2.3 miles yesterday on the treadmill.  My device only registered about 1.5 mi.
Is anyone else having this issue, and would exchanging it for another (same) help?  In other words, do these work for most people and I just got the lemon?!
Any suggestions are welcome, thank you!


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I have the same problem my Play is not counting all my steps. I walked yesterday 4 miles and it only counted 1600 steps. This has been going on since iOS 7 update. About a month ago I received an email front Striiv that there is an update for the Play software 1.198 but there is no way of updating the Play since the app doesn't even show that there is an update and the PC sync does not work. This is very disappointing that customer service is so poor.

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