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Is MyLand too easy?

Hi Striiv users! 

We have been hearing from a lot of you that MyLand is getting to be too easy- you fill all of your islands up way too quickly, and then you have billions of coins and nothing to spend them on! 

We are soliciting your ideas- how can we make it more challenging to keep you interested? Big ideas are great for the long run, but we are also interested in small, simple things that we could implement now. 

Use this forum to start the conversation...

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Hi Tara, glad to hear MyLand serves as a motivating factor! Your interest in challenges and bonus items has been noted on our feature request log. We're taking a look at how MyLand fits into our current app experience, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Is there another way to get energy, I know I just started, and with upgrades of the low end objects, I already have to walk for 2-3 days to update (taking about 10k steps a day).

Hi, I made a comment that I don’t see here yet. How long does it take to show up or get answered?
Is there a level where daily deals and specials show up??? I have been playing for a year and it still says coming soon... so wondered if it appears when u reach a specific level?
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