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(PROBLEM) software update

I have tried multiple times to download the software update. I have waited the 10 min. I made sure it was in the charging case. I made sure it stayed next to the phone. I made sure the phone was awake one time by keeping the screen awake ( for 10min). Is this going to be fixed. I cant as of now get texts or incoming calls shown on the striiv touch. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks Molly. Great Help 4 my

I'm having the same problem as all of you about the update. Don't know how to reset to factory .

Striiv certainly has a lot of opportunity with this issue. I also am frustrated with the non responsive update.

Hi All - so... the latest app updates should make it so you don't see this issue any more. Make sure that your app is up to date from the App Store or Google Play, and then try to update again. If you STILL can't, on your device, go to Apps > Settings (the gear icon) > Factory Reset, and you should be able to update immediately!

 Even after the app updates, when you see "Connecting..." this can (in some cases) take up to 45 minutes, if it's been a REALLY long time since the last time you synced your device. 

My device has been updating for around two hours... I think that it's not really updating but it just crashed....

I hate the "updates exist" prompt, and updating seems to be a waste of time because it's not happening...

Hi Susana - can you click on the "feedback" option in the main menu of the Striiv app, and file a ticket that way? That will let us take a look at the Striiv logs on your phone, so we can see what might be preventing you from updating!

Update constantly fails and starts over. New device out of the box!
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