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Looking for Striiv friends? Look here!

Do you need a little healthy competition to keep moving? You're in the right place. Let others know you're in the market for some Striiv friends here, and you can add each other as friends in the Striiv app. 

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 Someone please add me,, I have no friends. : )

Thanks Donna, sent friend request.

Looking to add friends for motivation and accountability. 

Profile name: jboat funrun

Blessings to all for health and wellness. 

Add me on iOS Julian baker
Hey..... Love some healthy new friends..... plus if you're from Australia!


Add me :D
Welcome, your on my friends list.
Feel free to add me!
Please add me I am new and need some competition!!!

Please add me :)

Hey guys. Keen to get hooked up with some friends here. New to this... I guess I just search your names? So I'll try that...
Feel free to add me. Sydney, Australia.
Trying to unfollow these emails . After Striiv sent me the fusion to replace the Striiv Play, my experience has been that it doesn't work in my pocket. It reports only half of my actual days mileage. I'm switching to fitbit after Christmas. Fare well
Just got a Walgreens activity tracker and could use a push! Please add me. Might be listed as Jennifer Glynn instead of Jenni
Feel free to add me! I just got my striiv fusion
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