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Lost the tracker

My little black activity tracker keeps falling out of the bracelet! Its currently somewhere in my house but I can't find it! This is so frustrating as i don't feel it falling out and then I can't find it! This time its really missing!!!

This company is a farce! My tracker from day one keep falling out because of the design flaws. Eventually having taken off my jacket on a recent flight I lost it completely. I wrote to the company to complain about the design flaw. After a week I received some nonsense that the unit is designed not to fall out!! And that my bracket must have been defective. Meanwhile they have a link to a Bluetooth finder! Oh they just happen to have this link handy! They have it because of the amount of customers who have the same issue as myself. A joke of a company with a lethargic management who are not interested in customer engagement. Avoid like the plaque!
Mine fell out several times. I managed to find it every time, for the most part. Recently I lost it for almost a week. I contacted customer care to let them know I was having the same problem with the band as everyone else and it is obviously a design flaw. Customer care responded that I should try a device finder app and then gave me instructions on how to properly place my tracker in the band (because if it was falling out, obviously I did not know how to put it in). They told me it was not a design flaw, the tracker "doesn't usually fall out," and I probably had stretched or torn the band. They wished me good luck on finding it. Not thrilled here.
Customer service should make bio2 bands like their original fusion for every one. I was changing bands out all the time for a little more stiffness and still the nugget was falling out. Finally they made me a band out of stiffer, thicker? material and PROBLEM SOLVED. BEEN 6 months and it has not fallen out once. I am so happy...

I had to adjust mine to make it stop falling out. I put two short lengths of heatshrink on either side of the tracker around the band to make the lip around it a bit bigger. I also had to use a little glue to hold the heatshrink to the band (Kwik Grip, a few others wouldn't hold properly)
Hasn't fallen out since. 

The problem is a design flaw. If there was a little extra lip around the tracker, it wouldn't fall out.

Hi Neil, 

I don't even know where or when i dropped the tracker, i only have the wristband left, no point trying the bluetooth finder instructions.

We encourage anyone experiencing wristband issues to contact us at - give the Bluetooth finder instructions above a shot as well.

YES, I cannot agree more!! It fell out constantly and finally today I didn't notice that it dropped out until a colleague mentioned and by then it was too late, that's alot of money to "misplace",just from going around your daily life.. I don't even know where or when it dropped! Definitely design flaw! Everyone was telling me to stop wearing it because it drops out constantly, but what's the point of buying a fitness band that I can't use to track my daily ongoing? Not to mention that I have had trouble with syncing the data for 2 months, contacted customer service, tried all the recommendations, solutions, reset to factory default TWICE and finally I gave up and just lived with data that is always 2 weeks older.. SO SO disappointed!

Carla! I completely agree with you! Mine drops out ALLLLL the time. Literally every morning when I put on my backpack I have to be careful, or when I put on take off anything with long sleeves. It finally fell again and was accidentally stepped in while I was working out and now its broke. Definite design flaw. I'm going to message Customer Service bc this was a lot of money to lose and I love the device, just not that it falls out. What's the point of wearing a fitness band that you have to always be super careful of not losing while doing normal everyday things?

Hi Carla, we suggest utilizing a Bluetooth finder app similar to the following: 

You would be looking for a Bluetooth ID starting with Striiv Bio2 followed by 4 letters/numbers. If you're not able to find the tracker, drop us a line at and we'll see how we can help you out.

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