If you believe that your Play has not updated to the latest version (as of December 2013, it is SW 1.198) please try the following:

1.Make sure that your Play has at least 50% battery life, otherwise the update will not go through. 

2. Un-pair and re-pair your Play:

  • In the Striiv app, select the Play tile on the app home screen and select 'de-register device' among the options in this tile.
  • Restart your iOS/Android phone/tablet
  • Open the Striiv app
  • Go to the app menu (3 bars on the upper left), select 'pair device'. Plug in your Play to see the bluetooth pairing code. Select the matching code when prompted by the app to do so. 
  • After your Play has re-paired successfully, if you do not see the update begin automatically, open the Play tile on the app home screen and select 'software update' to prompt the update.

3. If the update still has not started, please try initiating a Factory Reset on your Play (CAUTION - resetting your Play will reset your day's data counts to zero)

  • Follow the steps above to un-pair your Play
  • Restart your iOS/Android device
  • Press the toggle button to turn on the Play screen
  • Press and hold the button until you see
  • Press the button to scroll to Factory
  • Press and hold the button to select factory reset (you will be asked to confirm)
  • Press and hold the button again to confirm reset
  • Open the Striiv app
  • From the app menu (3 bar icon), re-pair your Play device using the 'pair device' function.