The Striiv Play tracks the following activities:

  • Steps - tracked using internal hardware to detect movement, and this movement is then determined to be a step (or not a step) based on a unique step tracking algorithm.
  • Stairs - tracked using an internal component exposed to the outside air which measure your horizontal and vertical movement.
  • Distancecalculated using 3 factors: number of steps taken, speed of those steps, and set stride length. Stride length can be adjusted under user settings in the Striiv app menu.
  • Caloriescalculated using 4 factors: set weight and gender visible in user settings, the number of steps recorded, and the speed of those steps. 
  • Minutes of Activitycalculated for any activity lasting 30 seconds or more. Any movement lasting less than 30 seconds will not count towards an active minute.

You can see the current value for each item by toggling between screens using the toggle button to the right of your Play's screen.