If you are unable to pair your Play to the Striiv Activity Tracker app, there are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take that should resolve the issue:

1. Make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your iOS/Android device. Briefly turn on airplane mode in your phone's/tablet's settings and then turn it off.

2. Force quit (shut down) the app from running in the background of your phone/tablet.

For Android users - there are a variety of different devices, please consult your provider for assistance with force quitting apps. 

On an iOS device:

  • Double-click the Home button.
  • Swipe left or right until you have located the app you wish to close.
  • Swipe the app's preview up to close it.

3. Restart your iOS or Android device

4. Reset the Play

  • Press the toggle button to the right of the screen to turn on the Play
  • Press and hold the button until you see 
  • Press the toggle button to scroll to Factory 
  • Press and hold the toggle button to select Factory reset (you will be asked to confirm)
  • Press and hold the toggle button again to confirm reset